Fix all that bad karma you have stored up back there. Remember that weekend in Vegas? Yeah. That.

Good deed needs doing, and awesome are the people who step up to do the little things within their own local community to create positive change.

Creating change on a global scale is really frickin’ hard. It’s beyond reach for me, personally, to think I can just get up and change the world. And it was the realization of the monumental scope of the wrongs going on in our world that made me take a careful look at how on God’s green Earth I could actually make a difference. My personal answer, and by all means this may vary depending on who you are and what you have to work with, was to focus my attempts to better our world in a more direct, local way.

Since this epiphany, I now get off my lazy ass and go and do stuff HERE, in my local community. Little stuff. I don’t donate money to feed the starving children in southeast nowhere, but I sure as hell donate canned food to feed local hungry children at the nearest Elementary school.

So one of the key purposes of this site will be to share opportunities for our followers to get out and do little stuff that’ll get you a thank-you, a smile, a free high-five, or whatever. Because the direct feedback of being thanked by the people who will benefit from your good deed is an immediate positive affirmation that sticks and encourages more good-deed-doing in the future.

Good Deed Needs supports doing good deeds!

August 7th in Chico CaliforniaDrive through the Jesus Center

They Say:

Summertime is so hot in Chico and our peeps are thirsty! Can you help us out and come by? Bring some water or a cash donation and we will meet you at your car, unload and even wash your car for you if you would like! Says:

If you’re anywhere near Chico, CA on August 7th, it’s super easy to drive through The Jesus Center and let them know that their herculean task of serving the needy in Chico isn’t a hopeless effort. Every tiny bit of support these types of places receives is used directly in your local community to help out the most needy and the most desperate. They’ll be truly grateful for anything you have to give them, even if it’s just a kind word of support.

While you’re there, snap a pic and shoot it to us and we might feature your picture in a gallery of good deeds done!

Contact with your awesomeness!


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