Deep Thoughts: a simple two-part plan to save our society and our economy, courtesy of my husband

I married a smart man. It’s kinda fabulous. That having been said, I’m about to attempt to type out a coherent rundown of the weighty conversation he and I shared last night. Here it goes:

Baby Boomers:

Have you maxed out your retirement plan? Maxed out your employer’s contributions? Maxed out whatever pension plan? Have you reached a point in your career, job or field where there is no possibility of further advancement? Have you reached the point that you’re just going through the motions at your job and the monotony of having done it for years has led to your output/performance slowly slipping? Have you discussed retiring with others but you keep working because you think you’ll just get bored being retired and you simply don’t know what you would do with yourself? Then this blog post is for you! Continue reading


Join us at the Kansas City Royals Game, a fundraiser for a great cause!

Kansas City people, take part in this worthy good-deed that needs doing!


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Fix all that bad karma you have stored up back there. Remember that weekend in Vegas? Yeah. That.

Good deed needs doing, and awesome are the people who step up to do the little things within their own local community to create positive change.

Creating change on a global scale is really frickin’ hard. It’s beyond reach for me, personally, to think I can just get up and change the world. And it was the realization of the monumental scope of the wrongs going on in our world that made me take a careful look at how on God’s green Earth I could actually make a difference. Continue reading