Deep Thoughts Q&A: “Is there such a thing as preaching too much?”

Deep thoughts on ThaliaBrandon.comThis one is short and very much to the point. And in my answer, I have tried to express the point without naming any person or group to ensure that I carry my point without simultaneously demonizing or casting blame, because I really think that most any person can read my answer and instantly understand my meaning, and with reflection, think of at least one person or group who my answer pertains to in their own opinion. So I don’t need to blame specific individuals or groups here. The short answer is sufficient in and of itself. Continue reading


Eugene Oregon Living History Day Saturday August 3rd

Because history is alive, and it wants our brains!

Are you ready for Living History Day this weekend? Continue reading

Fix all that bad karma you have stored up back there. Remember that weekend in Vegas? Yeah. That.

Good deed needs doing, and awesome are the people who step up to do the little things within their own local community to create positive change.

Creating change on a global scale is really frickin’ hard. It’s beyond reach for me, personally, to think I can just get up and change the world. And it was the realization of the monumental scope of the wrongs going on in our world that made me take a careful look at how on God’s green Earth I could actually make a difference. Continue reading