Deep Thoughts: a simple two-part plan to save our society and our economy, courtesy of my husband

I married a smart man. It’s kinda fabulous. That having been said, I’m about to attempt to type out a coherent rundown of the weighty conversation he and I shared last night. Here it goes:

Baby Boomers:

Have you maxed out your retirement plan? Maxed out your employer’s contributions? Maxed out whatever pension plan? Have you reached a point in your career, job or field where there is no possibility of further advancement? Have you reached the point that you’re just going through the motions at your job and the monotony of having done it for years has led to your output/performance slowly slipping? Have you discussed retiring with others but you keep working because you think you’ll just get bored being retired and you simply don’t know what you would do with yourself? Then this blog post is for you! Continue reading


How the culturally accepted myth of the “Happily Ever After” relationship/marriage is actively destroying our happiness asserts that Disney is ruining your happiness. Read why. Disney is making us unhappy.

Let me be more explanatory, and I’ll get this idea across eventually here.

Romantic love is a very new idea, considering the entire span of human history. If we look back over the course of recorded history, we actually see that arranged marriages for the greater good of the families/culture/society were more the norm regardless of the feelings of the two people being hooked up by their village leaders or parental units.

From that random tidbit of data, I’m going to segue into my own thoughts on the matter.

Teaching young girls to “follow your heart” essentially translates to this:

Go out into the world as soon as you’re barely legal and make some serious life choices based on nothing more than your emotions; without consideration for reason, logic, and especially without thinking through the likely outcomes that will stem from your choices. Continue reading

Neighborhood Crime: Why Prevention is Better than Punishment

B&E on ThaliaBrandon.comLast night was awesome, to say the least! For National Night Out, we had a big event in our neighborhood park that featured free ice cream, an official dedication of the new length of sidewalk we helped put in including a local city official speaking and confirming the city’s commitment to doing the next two blocks of sidewalk next summer, and just a whole lot of meeting neighbors we’ve never met before and making new friends. Over sixty people showed up! More than triple the turnout from last year! Everyone had a really good time.

During the event, I was approached by three different retirement aged men asking my opinion about the ongoing crime we experience in our neighborhood area. The most common forms of crime are graffiti tagging, cars being broken into when a bag or something of value is visible inside the car, and sometimes we even get a home being robbed when it’s quite clear that a door has been left unlocked or the house is otherwise very vulnerable.

Here’s what I had to say on the matter: Continue reading

How the worst ever career day helped change my life for the better supports well-read citizens of the world.When I was about nine, I happened to have a really terrible career day at school.

The guidance counselor came into our class and asked us all, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Basic question, right? We were assigned a writing project to explain our future ambitions, and then “guidance guy” took us aside one by one to talk with us about our career plans.

I was nine. I had no clue what kind of career path I wanted! So by the time the guy got around to me I was really anxious, knowing that what I’d written wasn’t at all applicable to the exercise, but hoping I wouldn’t get in trouble. Here’s what I wrote down that day: Continue reading